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Key Fob Programming and Battery Replacement

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We can program a new key fob for you as well as replace the battery in your current one.

Having trouble with the key fob for your car, van, or truck? Not sure if you just need a key fob battery replacement or if it’s time to purchase a brand new OEM remote head key?

Here at Top Pick Locksmith in Loveland, CO, our mobile auto locksmith has the skills, experience, and specialized equipment it takes to quickly diagnose problems with your car and truck remotes on the spot. We provide on-demand key fob programming for all makes and models of domestic and imported vehicles, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with us and our service.

How Car Key Fobs and Remote Head Keys Work

If your vehicle was made in 1990 or later, chances are good it’s equipped with a short-range radio transmitter that sends a coded signal between a small, low-energy receiver unit inside the vehicle and your key fob or remote head key. This coded signal is designed to help deter auto theft by creating a unique radio code that keeps the ignition locked until the matching key fob is within 30 feet or less of the receiver.

Many remote head keys also perform multiple functions such as locking and unlocking the doors, opening the tailgate, starting the ignition and triggering the alarm. When you press a specific button on your car and truck remotes a code is generated by the microchip inside the device. If the remote is close to your vehicle the onboard receiver will receive the signal and perform the correct function.

Need a Key Fob Battery Replacement?

Most modern key fobs are designed to work up to 50 feet away from your vehicle, and they are powered with a small, specialized battery that is built into the device. Like all batteries, the one that’s inside your remote head key will eventually wear out and cause your fob to stop working.

Here are the common signs that it’s time to call an auto locksmith for key fob battery replacement service:

  • You have to be close to your car in order to get your key fob to work
  • You need to push the buttons on your remote head keys multiple times to lock and unlock your doors
  • If you have a push-to-start ignition, you might find that you are having trouble with the start button – it might not always illuminate, or you may need to hold the key close to the steering wheel to get the car to start
  • If any of these things sound familiar to you, it’s time to have your key fob or remote head key battery replaced.

Mobile Key Fob Programming and Battery Replacement Service in Loveland, CO

When you need a replacement key fob or key fob battery, key fob programming service, or a remote head key made, call us here at Top Pick Locksmith. Our fully certified, bonded and licensed mobile auto locksmith is committed to providing you with quality service at honest, upfront pricing that’s less than what you’ll pay at your local dealership.