Full-Service Locksmith for Fort Collins, CO

Top Mobile Locksmith Service In Fort Collins, CO


Our fully-outfitted locksmith van will come to you for all your home, auto and business locksmith needs in and around Fort Collins, CO.

Homeowners and vehicle operators in the Northern Colorado area need a local locksmith in Fort Collins, CO, who can get out to where they are on short notice. As a mobile locksmith, we provide emergency unlock services, lock changes, re-keying for vehicles and homes and a host of other vital services to repair and maintain your locks. We answer calls 24 hours a day with fast, affordable service for customers throughout Lamier County.

How We Work

Our locksmiths are trained and licensed professionals who have experience working with all types of lock systems. We can pick locks if you’ve lost your keys or locked them inside. We can also rekey your locks if you need to reset security, which is a good idea if your keys have disappeared or you suspect a copy has been made without your knowledge.

If you need to change your locks, Top Pick Locksmith can offer you some options for how to do it. We can completely remove and replace your locks, which is a popular choice when the locks are years old and could use an update. We can also re-key your locks, keeping the same hardware in place, but changing the tumbler arrangement to work with different keys. This preserves the look of your existing locks since the same hardware is still there, but it’s often as good as a total replacement because the old keys no longer work.

Mobile-Only Locksmith in Fort Collins, CO

Our service is 100-percent mobile, which means we’re never farther than a few miles away from where you need us. Whether you’re locked out of your house and stuck on the porch, or your keys are in the car and you’re stuck in a parking lot, Top Pick’s mobile locksmith service can be anywhere in the Fort Collins area in minutes. Without a costly storefront to maintain, we can also keep costs down and stay affordable.

Locksmith Services We Provide in Fort Collins

There isn’t much our trained and certified locksmiths can’t do for you. All our work is insured, so you have peace of mind when you call us to work on your house or car, or for the antique jewelry box you’ve lost the key for. We work on all types of common locks, including:

  • Auto doors, trunks and ignitions, regardless of make and model year
  • Electronic key fobs, including smart keys and remote ignition systems
  • Motorcycle ignitions and fuel tanks
  • Residential interior and exterior locks
  • Commercial systems, including smart locks and digital access systems
  • Safes and lock boxes

Fort Collins Locksmiths

From Loveland to Greeley, and from Longmont to Windsor, Top Pick Locksmith provides fast, reliable and affordable locksmith services to residential and commercial customers. All the work we do for you is 100-percent guaranteed, and the price we quote you for the work you need is likewise guaranteed, to be honest, and reliable. If you need any kind of lock service, even in an emergency, give Top Pick Locksmith a call at 970-218-0220, and schedule a visit from a professional locksmith in Fort Collins right away.